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Sravan: The Blessing in Disguise

A journey of growth through self-acceptance

Sravan holds Smile Train sign

When we entered Sravan’s house, he greeted us with a firm handshake and a warm smile – a picture of self-confidence! Sravan Kumar Bhupati, the eldest child of the Bhupati family, hails from Hyderabad. He is a 3rd year engineering student and aspires to get into the professional world soon to support his family and fulfill his dreams. 

When Sravan’s mother Saidamma was expecting him 22 years back, she did not go for an ultrasound as the nearest hospital was 50 kilometres away and her husband Nagaiah, a driver, would be out of town due to his work. From her side, she took all care to ensure a healthy diet during pregnancy.  

When Sravan was born with a cleft lip and palate, it came as a shock to his parents. The doctor present told them that their son would require special care and multiple surgeries. 

Nagaiah recalled, “For the initial few hours, I was dumbstruck. Sravan’s mother was still in the ICU, I missed her presence beside me. After speaking to her, my emotions settled down and I realised how blessed we were to get a chance to welcome a new life into this world!”    

Sravan with his mother

Once home, Saidamma struggled to feed Sravan, and his health started to fail. Amidst their distress, a glimmer of hope emerged when a compassionate staff at the hospital during one of their regular visits guided them. “He told us to visit GSR Hospital where an organisation called Smile Train supports such treatments for free”, tears rolled down Saidamma’s face when she recalled this incident.  

Since then, Sravan has undergone multiple surgeries at GSR Hospital. Over the years, not only has Sravan’s physical appearance changed, but his treatment has also bolstered his self-confidence. “It was not like this always! I remember, during my secondary school years, I had to draw on my self-esteem every day to deal with the sarcasm and insults because of the way I looked and spoke. But I have learned to deal with it, and I believe self-acceptance should be the Mantra of Life for people with clefts,” said Sravan.  

Sravan holds his before image

We can’t agree more! Today, Sravan’s face radiates joy as he embraces life with newfound enthusiasm for living and a passion for painting. His parents’ hearts swell with pride, witnessing their son's transformation.

Sravan with his family

Sravan’s struggle has been real, but so is his victory. Our best wishes are with him, always!