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Miss Universe India 2023

Shweta Sharda charms with her wisdom, compassion, and grace!

In the bustling realm of glamour, spotlight, and fame, the true fusion of beauty and charity is a rare sight. However, we were fortunate enough to witness a heartwarming event that extended beyond the glare of flashing cameras and media attention, touching deeply many minds and hearts. 

Miss Universe India 2023, Shweta Sharda, graced the premises of our partner Sant Parmanand Hospital at New Delhi, leaving behind a trail of hope and smiles that transcended beyond the boundaries of her title.  

miss diva arrives at hospital
Welcoming Miss Universe India 2023

Apart from the anticipated glamour that accompanies a celebrity visit, Miss Universe India’s engagement with the hospital was profound and purposeful. Shweta reflected a genuine commitment to connecting with the patients and parents, uplifting them with kind and encouraging words. 

As Shweta stepped into the hospital corridors, she embarked on an eye-opening journey, an experience entire new to her.  

During her tour of the hospital, Shweta engaged with cleft patients and their parents. Through discussions with doctors, she sought to grasp the intricacies of cleft conditions and understand the available treatments. The interactions she had with both the hospital staff and the cleft patients reflected her genuine desire to connect on a personal level, beyond the glimmer of her title. 

One of the most touching aspects of her visit was her session with the parents of cleft affected children. Standing amidst them, she shared words of encouragement, resilience, and most importantly, hope.

Miss diva speaks on nutrition
Her speech held the audience captivated 

During her visit, Shweta unveiled Smile Train India’s regional language nutrition handouts to support parents and caregivers comprehend the significance of nutrition and hygiene for children affected by clefts. 

Miss Diva with Smile Train handout
Releasing the nutrition handouts 

As the event ended, what stayed with us was some cherished moments. Shweta’s visit wasn’t just a chapter in her own narrative; it became a chapter in the lives of those she motivated — a chapter filled with hope and potential of a brighter future.  

A group photo with our special guest
A group photo with our special guest