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Face to Face

A campaign to build empathy and awareness

Shweta Sharda smiling and pointing to a Face to Face portrait

Imagine being enveloped in a symphony of captivating portraits, each whispering tales of courage and strength. This was the enchanting experience awaiting all who visited "Face to Face," an immersive and intimate photo exhibition organized by Smile Train for National Cleft Day on February 8, 2024. “Face to Face” showcased the unconventional journeys of Smile Train beneficiaries, telling a vibrant narrative of resilience and inner spirit, where imperfections are not flaws but badges of uniqueness.

Set against the bustling backdrop of Nexus Select CITYWALK Mall in New Delhi, "Face to Face" wasn't merely a photo exhibition; it was a unique journey into the lives of 11 extraordinary children, each with their own story to share. The portraits, mounted on giant structures, greeted visitors with an undeniable presence, inviting them to delve into each personal narrative, understand the challenges and stigmas faced by people with clefts, and celebrate their journeys.

The excitement peaked as the exhibition was inaugurated by Shweta Sharda, LIVA Miss Diva Universe 2023. With compassion in her heart and warmth in her smile, Shweta unveiled the exhibition, delving into the stories behind each portrait with genuine interest. The true magic unfolded when Shweta shed her formal facade and interacted with the children, showing her true compassion.

Visitors got an opportunity to get an intimate glimpse into the lives and thoughts of our cleft warriors building empathy and understanding about the struggles that cleft-affected children often face. Whether reflecting on 'What makes you smile?' at the message wall, taking selfies at the booth, or contributing to a cause through personalized sketches, everyone had a chance to be part of this celebration. These diverse experiences, tucked around every corner, sparked conversations, challenged perceptions, and fostered empathy towards people with clefts.

Smile Train launched "Face to Face" to spotlight the bold and inspiring tales of resilient cleft warriors, foster awareness, and pave the path towards a safer and more inclusive world for everyone.